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Mailing List

Club members communicate regularly through a group mailing list which is open to all current members. To subscribe to the list, click here:


Fireworks America
Based out of San Diego, CA, an organization responsible for the largest West Coast fireworks production ever – Saturday Night at Super Bowl XXXVII.
J&M Displays, Inc.
J&M is a full service pyro/theatrical/special effect company operating across the U.S. We offer competitive pay and assistance in obtaining your state pyro license and CDL.
Premier Pyrotechnics
With operations extending out of Richland, MO, they are known for their superior multimedia displays, fantastic product and devoted support of the WPA.
Pyro Spectaculars
Pyro Spectaculars is one of the largest display companies in the world. If you are interested in getting licensed, you might want to give them a call and see if they can help.
Entertainment Fireworks
Entertainment Fireworks is the largest full service fireworks company based in Washington state.
Pyro Novelties
Novelty T-Shirts Hats & Accessories for Fireworks Crew, Fourth of July & Pyrotechnicians.
Fireworks FX, Inc.
Fireworks FX is a company that specializes in special effects supplies and services. In addition they also sell pyrotechnic novelties. You can even buy those cool glowing things by the case.


Flying Phoenix
Flying Phoenix is the main Class C & Class B supplier for the Do It event. Please contact Jim Landis at or 307-856-0778.
Acme Discount Fireworks
Supplier of display fireworks and pyro supplies. Acme Discount Fireworks is a regular supporter and supplier for WPA events.
Pyromate has been a big supporter of the WPA. They make top quality firing systems.
J&R Productions
Huge supporter of the WPA and the official communications provider for all WPA events.
Spirit of '76
One of the premier wholesale fireworks dealers in the United States. Since 1987, they have delivered fireworks that produce amazing displays.
Pyro Supplies
A leading supplier of high quality and hard to find pyrotechnic supplies.
Firefox is a supplier of chemicals and many other pyrotechnic supplies shipping out of Pacatello, ID.
Wolverine Fireworks
A direct importer of 1.3G and 1.4G. They carry a large variety of Chinese, Japanese and domestic made display shells.
Hummel Croton Inc.
Hummel Croton is a larger distributer of pyro chemicals, they probably don't want to be bothered with nickle and dime orders.
Pyro Planet
Importer of 1.3G and 1.4G fireworks.

Other Organizations

The Pyrotechnics Guild International
PGI is the mother of all pyrotechnic clubs.
Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
WPAG has 3 or 4 shoots a year. Hey if you live close by, then this ones for you.
Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas
The Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas is a not-for profit membership of fireworks lovers, formed in 1997, consisting of all types of interests in fireworks.
Western New York Pyrotechnic Association
The Western New York Pyrotechnic Association has a 3 or 4 family "picnics" a year and regular monthly meetings that include viewing videos, guest speakers, and workshops. The web site has some free pyro information to read including a great chemical incompatability list. Go New York!
Crackersjacks, Inc. Fireworks Club
If you are in the Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Virginia area, check out this site! They have beautiful photo gallery.
Michigan Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
A number of them are WPA members and they came for WWB. Check out their site for their activities.
Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild
Based in Colorado, a number of RMPG members are active WPA members and contributors at WPA events.


Pyrotechnic Innovations
The best fireworks training website that we know of. If you are new to pyro or would like to crew on a professional display, be sure to watch the training videos.
Bob Weaver
Bob Weaver has some cool pyro books and novelties for sale, but also has some very useful pyro information on it. Thumbs up!
Tom Dimock's Pyro Page
One of the most comprehensive pyro links page found to date. Each link has a brief desription on the web site to take out the guesswork.
The Journal of Pyrotechnics
The Journal of Pyrotechnics page is put up by Ken and Bonnie Kosanke. They have great literature about pyrotechnics for sale. These two are experts so check it out.