Heads Up! Winter Blast Registration Is Different This Year

We’ve updated our internal systems for membership and event registration.

The process is slightly different then in prior year. We wanted to give you some insight to make your experience as easy as possible. In order to register for Winter Blast: 

  • You must be logged into the website. Click here to login. If you have not logged in since we transitioned systems, you must reset your password. 
  • You must have an active membership with the WPA to register for Winter Blast. 

Assign Registration After Check Out. When you purchase your registration for the event you will first pick the quantity of various registration types (e.g. member, spouse, child, etc.) After you successfully check out and pay for your order you will assign these registrations to members of your family or a new person. YOU MUST ALLOCATE YOUR REGISTRATIONS TO YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY TO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION. 

Issues? Problems? Please click here to open a support ticket. 

Winter Blast Registration Policies: 

  1. To participate in Western Winter Blast 35 (AKA Western Winter Blast 2024 or WWB), a person must have a current membership in the WPA, or be the spouse, child, or sponsored guest of an attending member.
  2. WWB 2024 has various registration types and fees as detailed on page 1 of this registration form. All “Early Bird” registrations must be received by January 15, 2024.
  3. A $35.00 cleanup deposit is included in most registration fees, as noted in the fee table. Any person registered for the event in a category that includes a cleanup deposit, who actively participates in cleanup process, will receive a refund, based on hours worked. The amount to be refunded will be calculated after other external cleanup expenses have been determined and deducted from the total deposits received. You must sign in and out upon arrival and departure. Attendees under the age of 18 are ineligible to participate in cleanup for safety reasons, and thereby do not pay the cleanup deposit as part of their registration.
  4. Spouses, partners, and/or children of Event Staff must pay the spouse or child fees as shown on the fee table.
  5. Children under the age of 5 may attend with their parents, free of charge. These attendees must still be listed on the registration form for liability coverage.
  6. Children and Student Members (ages 6 – 25) are welcome to participate in Pyros in Training (PIT) for no additional fee. Children aged 6 – 12 must be accompanied by an adult participant.
  7. Any current member that has registered for the event may have his or her spouse or partner, whether that individual is a member or not, attend the event at the reduced “Spouse/Life Partner” rate.
  8. All vendors must have a current WPA membership and must have registered for WWB. A limited number of vendor support staff will be admitted free, with restricted site privileges. See Vendor registration form for more information on registering vendor helpers.
  9. Sponsorship of the event is available at varied donation tiers. Each tier includes a certain number of paid event registrations for additional individuals. See Sponsorship form for details.
  10. A person who has never been a WPA member can attend a WPA event without a WPA membership as a “Sponsored Guest”. That person can only attend a WPA event as a Sponsored Guest ONCE in their lifetime. The sponsor must be an active member, who will also attend the event and a member can only register one Sponsored Guest per event. In addition, the Sponsored Guest:
    1. Cannot bring a spouse, partner, or other family members.
    2. Cannot preorder any product or purchase any Class B product.
    3. May attend the Annual Meeting, but is not allowed to vote on any issues or elections.
  11. Fraudulent use of event credentials, such as use of a previous year’s or someone else’s badge, will result in disciplinary action against all involved persons, at the discretion of the WPA Board of Directors.
  12. RV parking is available in a designated area for current WPA members and Sponsored Guests with event registration. The rate is $75 for the entire event, regardless of arrival date, with a limit of one RV space per member or Sponsored Guest. All persons entering the RV area must also be registered for the event.