WinterBlast Staff

So many people have made this event possible. There’s so much work that goes into making an event like this one from organization and planning to decorations, food preparation, and even cleaning up the mess afterwards. It takes a lot of people to put on an event like this one! The men and women who worked tirelessly are appreciated.

People 14


Richard Haase, Chair
Joe Wright, Co-Chair

Board of Directors

Kevin Mather, President
Lonny Ross, Vice President
Tamara Struminger, Treasurer
Dennis Miele, Secretary
Heather Dicks, VP Communications


Mike Hill, Chair
James White, Co-Chair
James Robinson, Staff
Chris Caley, Staff

Camp Host

Barbara Bollinger


Kevin Bollinger, Chair


Bill Ryan, Chair
Myrl Wieland, Co-Chair
Bob Deleersnyder, Limo

Event Website

Stephen M. Yoss


Charles Eriksen, Chair
Ronnie Eriksen, Co-Chair
John Eggett, Staff
Chad Thompson, Staff
Tyler Phelps, Staff
Jeremy Palmer, Staff
Kris Mullins, Staff
Roxanne Crooks, Staff & Bunker
Richard Begg, Staff & Bunker

Pyros in Training (PIT) Coordinator

Bill Stevenson, Chair
Dave Tanner, Co-Chair

Staff Food Service

Maureen Dwinell

Public Displays & 
Event Sponsors

Dave X

Public Display Announcer

Devon Dickenson

Sound & P/A

DJ Dutra, Chairman
Charles Wright, Staff
Dave Orth-Wright, Staff
Danny Dutra Sr., Staff
Ben Hennen, Staff
Clara Carstensen, Staff


Greg Dandurand, Chair
Lynden King, Co-Chair
Will Pastron, Staff
Barry McClain, Staff
Bill Ryan, Staff & Rockets
Darrell Fiss, Staff
Gina Papini, Staff
Victor Papini, Staff
Lee Frechette, Staff
Nadine Blakeley, Staff
Scott Morton, Staff & Paramedic

City & Hotel

Kief Adler, Hotel & Afterglow
Greg Dandurand, Compliance Chair
Chip Shilosky, Public Relations Chair & City Liaison


Matthew Riley, Chair
Steve Humphrey, Co-Chair
Kirstin Riley, Staff
Kennan Riley, Staff

Pyro Shack

Ann Hill, Chair
Bryan Huffman, Staff
Edy Young, Staff

Printed Program

Samantha Christensen


John Noonan, Chair
Don Oesterle, Co-Chair
Michelle Joye, Co-Chair
Dennis Miele, Staff
Jane Anderson, Staff
Erik Cohen, Staff
Lois Kamla, Staff
Joe Pace, Staff
Wanda Garrett, Staff
Cyndy Wieland, Staff
Laura Astor, Staff
Andrea Cruz, Staff
Terry Bashore, Staff
Lonny Ross, Staff & Volunteer Coordinator


Steve Wilson, Chair
Mike Garrett, Co-Chair
Clara Carstensen, Staff
Jane Anderson, Staff
Matthew Nubbe, Staff & WASP
Jon Dickinson, Staff & WASP
Ed Osdale, Staff & WASP


Tom Budar, Chair

Member Showcase

John Schwabel, Chair